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roma_amore's Journal

roma roma roma
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Welcome to roma_amore, a community created for Rome's football club, A.S. Roma. All members are welcome to post and share news, interviews, photos/picspams, videos, graphics, etc. Also, you might want to join the community as most posts are friends-locked

» Be respectful. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but rude and offensive remarks will not be tolerated.

» An LJ-cut needs to be used if posting multiple images (or those larger than 360px in width), YouTube videos, or lengthy text.

» Along with putting YouTube videos under an LJ-cut, a link (to the video) must be provided as well.

» LJ-cut code: <*lj-cut text="textgoeshere"> ... (remember to remove the *)

» Please do not hotlink images. Photos can be uploaded to image-hosting sites such as TinyPic, ImageShack, Photobucket, etc.

» Questions or suggestions? You can contact me through: vanquished@gmail.com.

» Layout by damnicons, banner by amor (texture by ownthesunshine).


If you have a football-related community and would like to affiliate, please comment here.